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Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform


Advisory Board


Role and Composition

In respect of the Advisory Board, the Committee of Ministers decided: “A small Advisory Board will be set up to promote co-operation between the Secretariat, CDLR and Congress and provide advice to the Centre on:

a) the development and implementation of its strategic priorities and plans;

b) lessons to be drawn from an evaluation of its achievements;

c) opportunities for co-operation both within the Council of Europe and with external partners.

Both the CDLR and Congress should have a representative on the Advisory Board, together with the Director of Democratic Institutions and the Chief Executive of the Congress.”

 The Advisory Board currently has the following members:
Mr Francesco Giustino, member of the CDDG
Mr Jean Frécon, President of the Chamber of Local authorities, Congress of Local and Regional Authorities
Ms Claudia Luciani, Director of Democratic Governance
Mr Andreas Kiefer, Secretary General of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities


The terms of reference of the CDLR expired in 2013. Since 2014, its role in this respect has been taken over by the CDDG.



12th meeting, 20 May 2016, Strasbourg

11th meeting, 24 June 2015, Strasbourg

10th meeting, 24 June 2014, Strasbourg

9th meeting, 29 April 2013, Strasbourg

8th meeting, 26 June 2012, Strasbourg

7th meeting, 22 June 2011, Strasbourg

6th meeting, 6 July 2010, Strasbourg

5th meeting, 19 june 2009, Strasbourg

4th meeting, 4 February 2008, Strasbourg

3rd meeting, 14 February 2007, Strasbourg

2nd meeting, 7 December 2006 in Strasbourg

1st meeting, 18 May 2006, Strasbourg