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Good Governance: news 2014


Best practices of local authorities in Moldova : award ceremony in Chisinau [20-12-2014]

Meeting of the European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG), Strasbourg, 4-5 December 2014 [15-12-2014]

Steering Committee meeting of the Creative Governance Project, Malta, 1-2 December 2014 [04-12-2014]    

City-to-City Diplomacy: an invitation to a Seminar introducing new toolkit, Gorizia (Italy) 20 November 2014  [09-10-2014]  

Workshop on Public Ethics Benchmarking process in Armenian municipalities, Yerevan, 6-7 October [03-10-2014] 

Peer Review on Financial Equalization System in Armenia Yerevan, Armenia, 30 September 2014 [30-09-2014] 

Meeting of the Creative Governance Steering Committee, Peer review on local governance reform and Training on the Performance Management Programme, Malta, 15-19 September 2014 [23-09-2014]

Conference and peer review on "Municipal consolidation in Europe: trends and solutions to amalgamation and co-operation" [17-09-2014]

Workshop on Human Resources Management in Armenian municipalities Yerevan (Armenia), 8 September 2014 [09-09-2014]

Launch of Performance Management Programme (PMP), Creative Governance Steering Committee meeting, and preparation of peer review on local government reform, Malta, 30 June - 2 July 2014 [11-07-2014]

3rd EU-China Local Government Forum, Shenyang, China, 24-25 June 2014 [11-07-2014]

2nd regional seminar on cross-border cooperation, Budapest (Hungary), 30 June 2014 [03-07-2014]

1st meeting of the Working Group for the preparation of a reference text on democracy (GT-TD) [12-06-2014]

Spatial planning: 16th session of the CEMAT and 97th meeting of the Senior Officials of the CEMAT, Nafplion, Greece, 16-17 June 2014 [11-06-2014]

CoE-ENTO Summer School of Good Governance, Ethics and Leadership at Local level [05-06-2014] 

1st meeting of the Working Group on Democratic Governance (GT-GD) [04-06-2014] 

The Council of Europe has launched the 2014 Best Practice Programme for local authorities in Armenia [28-05-2014] 

Steering Committee meeting of the Council of Europe Programme "Strengthening the capacity of local authorities in Ukraine [15-05-2014]

OSCE, Council of Europe meet in Tirana to co-ordinate regional work on local government, 12-13 May 2014 [13-05-2014]

Open Government Partnership Europe Regional Meeting, Dublin, 8-9 May 2014 [08-05-2014]

96th meeting of the Senior Officials of the CEMAT, Strasbourg, 29 April 2014 [04-04-2014]

1st meeting of the European Committee on Democracy and Governance (CDDG), Strasbourg, 3-4 April 2014 [04-04-2014]

European Label of Governance Excellence awarded to 10 Norwegian municipalities [02-04-2014]

Ambassador Jan Tombiński: "Self-governance is one of democracy foundations" [02-04-2014]

Annual Forum of Local Self-Government in Lviv (Ukraine), 27-28 March 2013 [26-03-2014]

Calls for expression of interest for long-term international experts [19-03-2014]

2nd meeting of the Steering Committee of the Project on Strenthening Local and Regional Government Structures in Albania, Tirana, 12 March 2014 [12-03-2014]

Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform: follow us on Facebook! [07-03-2014]

Presentation's Meeting on Local Finance Benchmarking, Athens, 6 March 2014 [10-03-2014]

New capacity-building programme for local authorities of Malta [20-02-2014]

Working session on the introduction of protocol No 3 to the Madrid Outline convention [19-02-2014]

Launch of the new City Diplomacy Project - 4 February, Zadar, Croatia [12-02-2014]

A new three-year project in the field of local democracy was launched as part of the Council of Europe Action Plan for Armenia 2012-2014 [05-02-2014]


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