[Last update: 4 January 2013]

Document and records management


triangle Brochure on the document and records management

The brochure presents the future document and records management system and explains the benefits of organising all the information created and received by the Council of Europe in a coherent and consistent manner.

triangle Glossary

This glossary explains key concepts related to document and records management. You will find the definitions used in this field at the Council of Europe.

triangle Retention/disposal schedules

Retention/disposal schedules, drawn up between the Central Archives and author departments, identify the retention period for specific types of information (in both paper and electronic format). They constitute the reference text for archiving in that department.

triangle User guide to retention and disposal schedules

This guide explains what retention and disposal schedules are and how they can help Council of Europe staff to look after records.

triangle Council of Europe Metadata Policy

The value of metadata for finding, managing, controlling, preserving and understanding documents over time is of utmost importance for information and knowledge management at the Council of Europe. This text is a useful support to understand the benefit of metadata standardisation and its implementation within the Organisation.