Disposal schedules 



25 May 2009


Directorate General of Administration and Logistics

Activities covered by this disposal schedule

The Central Services, under the authority of the Director General of Administration and Logistics, comprise the Central Division and the Administrative Modernisation Division (AMD). They deal with internal coordination, modernisation projects and the follow-up on cross-departmental dossiers. They also provide secretarial services for several committees.

This disposal schedule contains the documents of the Director General and the above mentioned divisions.

triangle See the table [pdf]
Directorate General of Administration and Logistics (DGAL) - existing disposal schedules

- 2006/DS2 – Directorate - DLOG [fr]

- 2003/DS3 – Finance Directorate [fr]

- 2006/DS3 – Administrative and Financial Division - DLOG [fr]

- 2007/DS2 – Translation Department [fr]

- 2005/DS11 – Buildings and Installations Department - DLOG [fr]

- 2005/DS10 – Documents and Publications Production Department - DLOG [fr]

- 2007/DS3 – Directorate of Information Technology [fr]