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[Last update: 17 December 2015]

Disposal schedules

In the framework of the Council of Europe Archival Policy, a disposal schedule is negotiated with each department and constitutes the reference text for archiving in that department. For more information, see the introduction to disposal schedules.
triangle Organs and Institutions

triangle Directorates

triangle Others

triangle Organs and Institutions

2002/DS1 – Private Office of the Secretary General [en]

DS/CM(2014)1 – Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers [en]

DS/PACE(2010)1 – Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly [en]

DS/CG(2015)1 – Secretariat of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe [en]

DS/CommHR(2015)1 – Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights [en]

DS/CDP(2012)01 – Staff Committee [fr]

triangle Directorates

- Directorate of Legal Advice and Public International Law (DLAPIL)

DS/DLAPIL(2015)1 – Central activities [en]

DS/DLAPIL(2013)01 – Public International Law Division [en]

DS/DLAPIL(2011)02 – Legal Advice and Litigation Division [en]

DS/DLAPIL(2011)01 – Treaty Office [en]

- Directorate of Communication

DS/DC(2009)1 – Directorate of Communication [fr]

- Directorate of Strategic Planning

2007/DS1 – Directorate of Strategic Planning [fr]

- Directorate General of Democracy and Political Affairs (DGDAP)

2005/DS1 – Directorate General of Political Affairs (DGAP) [fr]

2003/DS21 – Directorate of Co-operation for Local and Regional Democracy - DGI [en]

- DG1 - Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law

DS/DG1(2013)01 - Criminal Law Division. Extract for the Committee of Experts on the Operation of European Conventions on Co-operation in Criminal Matters (PC-OC) [en]

DS/DG1(2014)1 - Data Protection and Cybercrime Division. Extract for the Cybercrime Convention Committee [en]

DS/CPT(2015)1 – European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment of Punishment (CPT). Extract concerning CPT core activities [en]

- DG2 - Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law

DS/FCNM(2014)1 – Secretariat for the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities [en]

- Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs (DG-HL)

2004/DS1 – Central Secretariat of the Directorate General I, Secretariat of the Directorate for Legal Co-operation - DGI [fr]

2004/DS3 – Human Rights Law and Policy Division, Intergovernmental Co-operation Division and Central Secretariat - DGII [en]

2003/DS9 – Public Law Department - DGI [fr]

2003/DS10 – Private Law Department - DGI [fr]

2003/DS7 – Co-operation and Awareness Division and Police - DGII [en]

2004/DS8 – Equality Division - DGII [en]

2004/DS10 – Media Division - DGII [en]

2005/DS6 – Division of the Judiciary and Legal Programs - DGI [fr]

2004/DS4 – Secretariat of the European Social Charter (ESC) - DGII [fr]

DS/DGHL/EXEC(2010)1 – Department for the Execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights [fr]

2003/DS13 – Department of Crime Problems - DGI [fr]

2003/DS15 – Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) - DGI [fr]

2003/DS1 – Secretariat of European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) - DGII [en]

2003/DS8 – Venice Commission - DGI [fr]

2003/DS23 – Information and Publications Support Unit - DGII [en]

- Directorate General of Social Cohesion (DG III)

2003/DS12 – Central Section - DGIII [fr]

2003/DS11 – Social Policy Department - DGIII [en]

2003/DS25 – Migration and Roma/Gypsies Department - DGIII [fr]

2003/DS19 – Health Division - DGIII [fr]

2003/DS14 – Bioethics Department - DGI [fr]

2003/DS22 – Partial Agreement in the Social and Public Health Field - DGIII [en]

2004/DS9 – Pompidou Group – DGIII [fr]

2004/DS6 – Partial Agreement on the Council of Europe Development Bank - DGIII [fr]

2004/DS12 – European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (DEQM) - DGIII [fr]

- Directorate General of Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport (DG IV)

2003/DS2 – General Directorate IV, Education, Culture and Cultural Heritage, Youth and Sport [fr]

2004/DS5 – North-South Center - DGAP [fr]

2004/DS11 – European Audiovisual Observatory – DGII [fr]

- Directorate General of Administration (DGA)

DS/DGAL(2009)1 – Directorate General of Administration and Logistics - DGAL [en]

DS/DGAL/DRH(2009)1 – Directorate of Human Resources - DGAL [fr]

2006/DS2 – Directorate - DLOG - DGAL [fr]

DS/DGA(2013)1 – Treasury, payments and accounting Division [en]

2006/DS3 – Administrative and Financial Division - DLOG - DGAL [fr]

2007/DS2 – Translation Department - DGAL [fr]

2005/DS11 – Buildings and Installations Department - DLOG - DGAL [fr]

2005/DS10 – Documents and Publications Production Department - DLOG - DGAL [fr]

2007/DS3 – Directorate of Information Technology - DGAL [fr]

DS/DGA(2012)01 – Information Management Division (IMD) [en]

triangle Others

DS/DIO(2012)01 – Directorate of Internal Oversight (DIO) [en]

2003/DS17 – Integrated Projects [en]

DS/Prot(2015)1 – Protocol [en]