[Last update: 8 June 2012]

Archives in the spotlight on 9 June


Archives in the spotlight on 9 June

Whether stored in physical or in digital form, archives provide both meaning and knowledge, so they should be regarded, not as delicate and outdated, but as a basis for what we are building today and will be inventing tomorrow.

The DGA has taken several steps to ensure that the Council of Europe's archives are preserved and enhanced. A few examples in the visual sphere are given below:

- Film about digitisation of vinyl records and video cassettes, in partnership with the European Parliament (duration 3’54)

- Two extracts from films restored and digitised in partnership with the University of Hamburg:

  • Europe, Human Adventure (1955 – duration 5’26)
  • L'Europe des citoyens (1978 – duration 15’45)

- "L'Europe en Hymnes" (Europe’s anthems), a temporary exhibition until 31 October 2012 at Robert Schuman’s former home in Scy-Chazelles (Moselle). Historic Council of Europe documents relating to the early days of the European anthem have been loaned for the exhibition (duration 1’45).

A visit to Robert Schuman's former home and its museum is a particularly moving and instructive experience.

- Virtual tour of the archives in the Palais de l’Europe (silent – duration 3’16).

triangle More information:
- International Archives Day 2012
- The International Archives Day 2011 at the Council of Europe