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[Last update: 22 August 2011]

About us


Information Management Division
As an entity within the Directorate of Information Technology (DIT), the Information Management Division (IMD) is responsible for the management and preservation of the institutional information of the Council of Europe. Thanks to its positioning within DIT, content management is thus aligned with IT tools and applications management.

The Division:

- provides access to institutional information and information heritage of long term value;

- manages the Central Archives of the Council of Europe;

- helps entities meet their responsibilities in the area of information management and provides, together with other DIT divisions, efficient tools for this;

- helps staff across the Organisation develop skills in efficient usage of information technologies and information search.

Managing information along its life cycle creation/acquisition identification storage/preservation access/sharing elimination – addresses administrative and technical requirements.

Enhanced findability and accessibility not only improve administrative efficiency, but more importantly underscore the Organisation's commitment to transparency and accountability.

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