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[Last update: 28 July 2015]

Archiving tools

This is a presentation of tools for archiving used in the Council of Europe.

triangle Weeding guide: paper and electronic documents


>>> Download the PDF version

The guide is intended to help staff at the Council of Europe to determine the value of information for archiving. It recommends best practices for sorting out documents and thus answers the recurring questions of what to keep, what to delete and what to archive.

triangle Archival policy

Three official texts provide the basis for archiving at the Council of Europe:

- The archival policy 2001 describes the responsibilities of the Archives and also defines the role of the Archive Correspondent (see RAP-INF(2001)6).

- The archival policy 2009 defines the context for management of information throughout its life cycle. It also introduces the notion that documents created by staff in the course of their work are the property of the Council of Europe (see DGAL136).

- Data and Information Management Policy of the Council of Europe (see DGA/DIT(2013)02).
triangle Collection policy

The collection policy concerns items that are potentially eligible for historical archiving (permanent preservation) and provides guidelines for information appraisal with respect to archiving and record keeping.