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Resources and documents – adopted texts

Summits of the Heads of State and Government of the Council of Europe

Standing Conference of European Ministers of Education

22nd session - ““Building a more humane and inclusive Europe: role of education policies” - Istanbul, Turkey, 2007

  • Resolution on the results and conclusions of completed projects 2003-2006
  • Resolution on the 2008-2010 programme of activities

20th Session - "Educational policies for democratic citizenship and social cohesion: challenges and strategies for Europe", Cracow, Poland, 2000

  • Declaration on the main theme of 20th session
  • Statement on Recent events in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Serbia
  • Resolution on results and conclusions of the completed projects in the 1997-2000 medium-term programme
  • Resolution on the activity programme for 2001-03

19th session - “Education 2000: Trends, Common Issues and Priorities for Pan-European Co-operation”, Kristiansand, Norway, 1997

  • Resolution 1 on "Trends and common issues in education in Europe: conclusions of Projects that have come to an end"
  • Resolution 2 on "Fundamental values, aims and the future role of educational co-operation in the Council of Europe"
  • Message to the Committee of Ministers of the CoE

17th session - Vienna, Austria, 1991

  • Resolution N1 on "the European dimension of education: teaming and curriculum content"
  • Resolution N2 on "the work of the Council for cultural co-operation of the Council of Europe"

Informal Conference of Ministers of Education of South—East Europe