EDC/HRE Conference 2012 - Workshop I
EDC/HRE Conference 2012
Report on the implementation of the Charter: key findings, follow up and examples of good practice

  • To discuss the results of the Charter questionnaire and of the NGOs survey;

  • To take stock of the achievements realised so far in the implementation of the Charter and of the opportunities in EDC/HRE that the Charter offered;

  • To identify good practices in implementing the Charter;

  • To identify the challenges experienced by both the governmental and the non-governmental sector in implementing the Charter.

  • To review the process of the survey and propose improvements for the next round (in 5 years’ time), including the focus and stakeholders of the survey.

Workshop 2 (30 November)

Current challenges, possible solutions and future priorities


To propose specific targets and actions fur the five years to come.

These recommendations will be addressed to: