Culture, Heritage and Diversity

Bern Convention

Meeting of the Advisory Group of Experts on Budget
16 September 2013
Strasbourg (France)

Last updated on 11/12/2013

Adopted decision  
Decision on financing the Bern Convention, as adopted by the Standing Committee to the Bern Convention at its 33rd meeting (2013) - T-PVS(2013)07E


Meeting report

Terms of reference for the Advisory Group on Budgetary Matters - T-PVS/Notes(2013)02

Working documents
National reports on ways and means to ensure the appropriate funding for the strategic development and implementation of the Bern Convention - T- PVS/Inf(2013)21

2012 National reports on the funding of the Bern Convention - T- PVS/Inf(2012)06

Financing the work of the Bern Convention - T-PVS(2012)08E

Draft decision on financing the Bern Convention - T-PVS(2013)07E

Documents of the Committee of Ministers
1.6 Priorities for 2014-2015 and their budgetary implications

Financial arrangements for the participation of non-member States in Council of Europe conventions

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