MEDIANE - Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness

4 – 6 October 2013, Thessaloniki (Greece)
Journalism Practice & Diversity Inclusiveness
Thematic Encounter

Photo by Yannis Kotsifos

Thessaloniki invites European journalists to include diversity in their daily media work

During the Mediane Thematic Encounter “Journalism Practice & Diversity Inclusiveness”, participants will be asked to build pairs of exchanges with colleagues from other EU countries. Each pair will have to develop a concrete ideas and action schedule for improving the inclusion of diversity in daily work of media professionals, in particular journalists. To build these ideas and schedule, each pair will have to take part in a MEDIANE European Exchange of Media Practices (EEMP), immediately after the encounter.
Based on exchanges of concrete professional practices, the Mediane Thematic Encounter on Journalism Practice aims at giving media professionals a better understanding of the benefits that everyone can derive from the formation of partnerships at European level and of the interest for developing inclusive approach of media content design and production.
Guidelines and recommendations for the inclusion of diversity and non-discrimination in the daily work of media outlets and their professionals.

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