MEDIANE - Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness

The Mediane Roadshow
A Journey towards Diversity Inclusiveness in the Media
European Media Encounter
RTBF - Brussels - 12. - 14. Nov. 2014

Based on participants' practices and experiences, the third Mediane European Encounter will develop and implement various sessions aiming at raising awareness among European media outlets and professionals on the Mediane Box for Media Diversity Inclusiveness (The Roadshow) and at building a shared strategy for promoting the Mediane Box as way for giving very concrete and practical content to the approach of diversity inclusiveness in media context. The Mediane Box on Media Diversity Inclusiveness aims at supporting media efforts to include diversity in their daily work and production. This Mediane Box on Media Diversity Inclusiveness is conceived for being both:

  • a self-monitoring tool to monitor the capacities of the media and their staff members to improve their diversity inclusiveness in production and professional practices,
  • an action support tool for strengthening diversity inclusiveness in media content design and production.
This last and third second Mediane European Encounter will also be a last opportunity to network and build common activities between various actors as a way for deepening approaches on media diversity inclusiveness after the end of the joint EU/CoE Mediane initiative (end of December 2014).

Conditions of participation

Participants living outside the hosting country will be provided with a prepaid travel ticket by the EU/CoE Mediane Joint Initiative (Contact – Francesca LIONETTI,

Participants living in the hosting country and outside the hosting city shall organise their journey directly and will have their travel expenses reimbursed (invoice to be provided).

Participants living outside the hosting city and needing accommodation will be provided a per diem of 130€ per night spent in the city (max. of 2 nights will be covered / hotel invoice to be provided) and each participant is asked to organise his/her own accommodation (list of hotels available on request).

Participants living in Belgium but outside the hosting city might be reimbursed of their travel expenses (invoice to be provided)

Per diem and travel costs will be reimbursed via bank transfer after the encounter; a maximum of 6 weeks is needed before participants receive their reimbursement.

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