Democratic governance


CDCPP (2013) 1 rev Strasbourg, 6 February 2013

3rd meeting of the Bureau
Strasbourg, 7-8 February 2013 at 9h30
Room G05, Agora


    1. Opening of the meeting by Ms Deiana Danailova, Chair of the Committee

    2. Adoption of the agenda – link to annotated agenda

    3. Update on the Council of Europe’s reform and developments – presentation by Mrs Claudia Luciani, Director of Democratic Governance

    4. Integrated framework of CDCPP activities – presentation by the Secretariat (Mr Gianluca Silvestrini, Head of the Managing Diversity Division)

    5. Implementation of the Programme of activities: progress on ongoing projects

    5.1 Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Culture

    [CDCPP (2013) 2]

    5.2 Summaries of background papers for the Ministerial Conference

    [CDCPP (2013) 6]

    5.3 Session briefs for the Ministerial Conference

    [CDCPP (2013) 7]

    5.4 Overview of activities – state of implementation

    6. Perspectives for the CDCPP’s future work: Reflection Paper

    7. Draft agenda of the Plenary Session of the CDCPP (27-29 May 2013)

    [CDCPP (2013) 3]

    8. Draft recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member States on intercultural integration

    [CDCPP(2013) 4]

    9. Other business

    10. Date of the next meeting of the Bureau

Democratic Governance Directorate, DG II