Fight against doping

The Anti-Doping Convention underlines the political will of the States Parties to combat doping in sport in an active and co-ordinated manner.
The convention promotes the harmonisation, at national and international level, of measures to be taken against doping. Website

Promotion of sport

The EPAS aims to promote the development of sport in modern society, while emphasising its positive values.
It develops policies and standards, monitors them and helps with capacity building and the exchange of good practices.

Fight against spectator violence

spectator violence The Council of Europe actively fights against spectator violence, particularly in football. In this respect, coordination between the Council of Europe and all States parties to the Convention is necessary.
The principal aim of the convention is to prevent and control violence and misbehaviour by spectators at sports events. It not only provides practical measures on how to prevent and control such violence but also the requisite action to identify and deal with offenders.