The Crystal Scales of Justice award

The "Crystal Scales of Justice" competition, first launched in 2005, is organised annually by the Council of Europe to highlight innovative and efficient pratices used in European Courts for court organisation of for the conduct of judicial proceedings (for example, initiatives devised by a court president, a registry, a Bar) and deserving to be drawn to the attention of policy-makers and the judicial community so as to improve the functioning of the public justice system.

The prize is awarded by a jury of European legal professionals and the award ceremony takes palce within the framework of the European Day of Justice.

Call for applications for the Council of Europe Prize “Crystal Scales of Justice” for innovative practices contributing to the quality of justice

Strasbourg, 11.03.2015 – The Council of Europe is organising the award of the annual Crystal Scales of Justice Prize. It is the 8th time that this prize will be awarded.

The aim of the prize is to identify and promote innovative practices regarding the conduct of proceedings, court organisation and the functioning of court systems in general. To be eligible for consideration, the practices nominated must have been implemented recently and they should be easily usable by other States or jurisdictions. Their efficiency must be measurable.

The 2015 competition is open to courts, Bar Associations, non-governmental organisations and any other body dealing with judicial affairs in a member State of the Council of Europe or an observer State to the CEPEJ [1].

Applications must meet the eligibility criteria as specified in the Rules of the Prize, and be submitted to the Council of Europe, preferably electronically, by 12 June 2015.

For more details, please refer to the CEPEJ website.


[1] Holly See, Canada, Mexico USA, Japan, Israel, Morocco

European Day of Justice

25 October: The European Day of Justice is an event to enable European citizens to be better informed about their rights and about the way justice is functioning. It is celebrated during the last week of October each year in all European States which choose to do so. (more...)

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