Parliamentary Assembly session : 23 – 27 September 2002 

Assembly opposes « exemption agreements » on International Criminal Court

[26/09/02] The Assembly has called on Council of Europe member and observer states to refrain from concluding ''exemption agreements'' which would compromise or limit their co-operation with the Court.

Adopting a report by Dick Marty (Switzerland, LDR) on risks for the integrity of the Statute of the Court, the parliamentarians said they were ''greatly concerned by the efforts of some states to undermine the integrity of the ICC Treaty'', which they said was a decisive step towards achieving justice and ending impunity for the most serious crimes known to mankind.

The Assembly also called on Romania − the only one of 44 Council of Europe member states to sign an ''exemption agreement'' with the United States − not to ratify it. Finally, it encouraged the 15 member states of the EU to adopt a joint position on the issue of ''exemption agreements''” as soon as possible, along the lines of its own resolution.

resolution 1300 (2002)
recommendation 1581 (2002)
recommendation 1408 (1999) and reply of the Committee of Ministers
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