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Monday 10 April 2006
PACE President: Council of Europe-EU memorandum contains no ''real, concrete proposals'' (more...)
Thomas Hammarberg before the Parliamentary Assembly: The Commissioner for Human Rights should be a voice of conscience (more...)
PACE calls for the development of bilingual and plurilingual education in Europe (more...)
To stamp out corruption is also to fight poverty, parliamentarians point out (more...)
PACE elects its Vice-President with respect to Georgia (more...)
Tuesday 11 April 2006
Debate on relations between the Council of Europe and the European Union (more...)
Prime Minister Juncker proposes that EU becomes member of Council of Europe by 2010 (more...)
Giovanni Di Stasi : ''Juncker's report opens a new chapter in relations between the EU and the Council of Europe'' (more...)
José Manuel Barroso: 'Based on the same principles and values, we have the same goals' (more...)
Judge of the European Court of Human Rights elected in respect of Liechtenstein (more...)
PACE Monitoring Committee: Statement on the Constitutional reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina (more...)
Wednesday 12 April 2006

Romania will do everything to reach consensus on Memorandum of understanding (more...)

Vlado Buchkovski: 'The European idea has made radical switch in the awareness of the Balkan people' (more...)

2006 World Cup: the Parliamentary Assembly asks FIFA to join the fight against trafficking in women (more...)

Middle East: PACE calls on Hamas to renounce to violence and on Kadima to resume a political dialogue (more...)

PACE is horrified and appalled by the situation of servicemen in some member states' armies (more...)

PACE: help prisoners to lead socially responsible lives (more...)

Council of Europe must lead the way in fighting resurgence of Nazi ideology (more...)

Thursday 13 April 2006

Parliamentary Assembly calls for re-run of Presidential election in Belarus (more...)

Elmar Brok calls for stronger co-operation between PACE and the EP to relaunch Europe (more...)

In any agreement with the EU, Council of Europe should remain ''benchmark'' for human rights (more...)

Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU: institutional duplication could be disadvantageous for European integration (more...)

PACE encourages conflict settlement in southern Caucasus to enable returns (more...)