Conference of the European Ministers of Culture - 20 - 22 October 2003 - Opatija, Croatie 

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Speech by Bexhxhet Brajoshori, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo

Mr. Chairman, Ministers, and Excellencies,

It is my privilege and honor to participate in this important conference as the Minister of Culture of Kosovo.

Let me thank the Minister of Culture of Croatia, Dr Vujić, and the Council of Europe for inviting me to this conference.

Yesterday we discussed “culture and conflict”. When dialogue fails conflict prevails. Dialogue not only prevents conflict but also promotes sustainable peace. Kosovo is interested in such process of dialogue in a democratic environment.

After attending the last meeting I have translated this concept into practice by adopting a policy of the ministry of Culture of Kosovo. A program “Cultural Diversity and Dialogue” is currently under implementation. I assure you that we continue this policy and program in the coming years.

Kosovo is a remarkable example of diversity given its privileged position as crossroads of civilizations constantly met in its lands. As result of this process, there has been a culture enrichment in this area.

To preserve cultural diversity, the practice of a continuous dialogue is of fundamental importance. Dialogue is the natural tool where diversities can encounter to know and understand each other which would cultivate mutual respect and tolerance.

In multicultural society like Kosovo, dialogue can significantly accelerate the gradual integration of all ethnic communities within the overall social fabric.

Thank you very much.