Alleged secret detentions in Council of Europe member states
The Council of Europe's action follows allegations revealed by the Washington Post and the NGO Human Rights Watch in 2005 about the existence of secret CIA detention centres in Council of Europe member states. An investigation was launched by the Parliamentary Assembly on 1 November 2005, investigation for which Swiss Senator Dick Marty was appointed rapporteur.

Chronology of Council of Europe action

27 June 2007: Parliamentary Assembly members backed the conclusions of the report by Dick Marty (Switzerland, ALDE), declaring that it is now established with a high degree of probability that secret detention centres operated by the CIA, forming part of the High Value Detainee (HVD) program, existed for some years in Poland and Romania. In a recommendation, the Assembly also said European governments should look into the need for democratic oversight of military intelligence services and foreign intelligence services operating on their territory. (more...)
Mr Marty's report (PDF)
Addendum to the report - dissenting opinions
Resolution 1562
Recommendation 1801
Mr Marty's press conference
Mr Marty's closing speech

8 June 2007:
Dick Marty reveals new evidence that US ''high-value detainees'' were held in secret CIA prisons in Poland and Romania during the period 2002-2005 and alleges a secret agreement among NATO allies in October 2001 which provided the basic framework for this and other illegal CIA activities in Europe. In an explanatory memorandum made public today, Mr Marty says he has cross-referenced the credible testimonies of over 30 members of intelligence services in the US and Europe with analysis of ''data strings'' from the international flight planning system. (more...)
Draft resolution and recommendation
Mr Marty's explanatory memorandum (PDF)
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Video of Mr Marty's press conference
Video of Mr Marty's press conference (questions)
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14 February 2007: In a report, the European Parliament comes to similar conclusions to Mr Marty, saying EU countries “turned a blind eye” to extraordinary renditions across their territory and airspace.

6 September 2006: US President George Bush admitted the existence of secret CIA prisons.
Parliamentary Assembly President's statement
Proposals by the Secretary General

27 June 2006: in a resolution and recommendation approved by a large majority, Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly called for oversight of foreign intelligence agencies operating in Europe.
Press release

14 June 2006
: a report related to allegations of rendition flights and illegal detentions has been published by Terry Davis, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, as a part of his inquiry under Article 52 (see box) of the European Convention on Human Rights.
Additional responses from governments

7 June 2006: presenting his report, Dick Marty revealed what he called a global ''spider’s web'' of CIA detentions and transfers and alleged collusion in this system by 14 Council of Europe member states.
Resolution and recommendation
Mr Marty's explanatory memorandum (PDF)
Mr Marty's explanatory memorandum (HTML)
Appendixes to the report (PDF)
Summary of Mr Marty's explanatory memorandum
Graphic image of global ''spider's web'' (JPEG)
Video of the press conference

12 April 2006: Council of Europe Secretary General Terry Davis held a press conference to give feedback on his enquiry under Article 52.
Speaking notes

22 March 2006: the Venice Commission published its opinion on the international legal obligations of Council of Europe member states in respect of secret detention facilities and inter-state transport of prisoners.
Venice Commission opinion

1 March 2006: the Secretary General released his report based on the official replies from all 46 member states.
Report of the Secretary General
Addendum to the report of the Secretary General
Speaking notes

15 December 2005, the Parliamentary Assembly requested an opinion from the Venice Commission on the legality of secret detention in the light of the member states' international legal obligations, particularly under the European Convention on Human Rights.

21 November 2005, the Secretary General, Mr Terry Davis, acting under Article 52 of the European Convention on Human Rights (see box), sent a questionnaire to the 45 States Parties to this convention (the 46th letter was sent to Monaco on 15 December following that country's ratification of the convention).

1 November 2005: the Parliamentary Assembly launched an investigation for which Swiss Senator Dick Marty was appointed rapporteur.

  Article 52 of the ECHR
''The Secretary General of the Council of Europe may, under Article 52 of the European Convention on Human Rights, request “any High Contracting party […to] furnish an explanation of the manner in which its internal law ensures the effective implementation of any of the provisions of this Convention''.
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Mr Marty's interim assessment
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