2nd Intercultural Forum
«Core Values for Intercultural Dialogue: Towards a Europe of all Citizens»
Troina, Sicily (Italy) 15 - 17 November 2004
''We should stop believing that others have to be like us''- Interview with Ivano Spano , sociologist, University of Padova (Italy) (17.11.2004)

''Europe’s strength is its dialogue capability'' - Interview with Vjeran Katunaric, lecturer in sociology at Zagreb University (12.11.2004)
Two examples of intercultural dialogue: Germany and Croatia
''Education is the first requirement for intercultural dialogue!'' - Interview with Gunter Mulack, Ambassador , responsible for "Dialogue with the Muslim world" in the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs (21.10.2003)

''Intercultural dialogue is the best weapon against fundamentalism'' - Interview with Antun Vujic, Minister of Culture of Croatia (21.10.2003 - French version only)

Our interviews on this theme

The Council of Europe is organising the 2nd Intercultural Forum on the theme «Core Values for Intercultural Dialogue: Towards a Europe of all Citizens», at Troina, Sicily (Italy) from 15 to 17 November 2004.

The 2nd Intercultural Forum looks at core-values at the basis of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue. Its objectives are:

- to study an agenda of core values: the political, ethical, social and cultural approach;
- to examine attitudes and competences for intercultural dialogue and citizenship;
- to discuss dialogue at the heart of cohesive societies;
- and to provide a space for discussions with students and young artists from the host region.

The 2nd Intercultural Forum is organised by the Council of Europe in cooperation with the Associazione I.M.M.I. (Fondazione Oasi Città Aperta – Sicily) and the Università degli Studi di Catania (Facoltà di Scienze Politiche - Sicily ), with the support of the Japan Foundation (Tokyo).

Intercultural Forums offer academics, researchers, experts in conflict prevention and human rights, politicians, cultural mediators, artists and journalists, NGOs and foundations, representatives of ministries and international organisations an unique platform to exchange and debate the fundamental questions related to the construction of intercultural dialogue.

This initiative, launched in October 2002 with a focus on dialogue serving intercultural and inter-religious communication, was continued by the 1 st Intercultural Forum (Sarajevo, 2003), which debated the best means to deconstruct stereotypes and dualistic attitudes with a view to strengthening intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.
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