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''Europe, youth and globalisation'' - Strasbourg, 6 to 8 May 2004
Aminata Traoré, Mali's former culture minister: ''Europe mustn't forget its links with the rest of the world ''
Emil Kirjas, President of the International Federation of Liberal Youth: ''It is impossible to speak of sustainable development worldwide if we ignore the AIDS issue''
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Globalisation and sustainable development (Parliamentary Assembly - 2003)
Managing globalisation: the role of the World Trade Organisation in the world economy (Parliamentary Assembly - 2002)
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The Council of Europe held a major conference on the theme of “Europe, Youth and Globalisation” from 6 to 8 May. The event was opened on Thursday 6 May by the Secretary General of the Organisation, Walter Schwimmer, and the Mayor of Strasbourg, Fabienne Keller. Aminata Traoré, Mali's former Minister for Culture, also took part.

Under the slogan “How Big Is Your World?”, more than 400 young representatives of civil society – including non-governmental, political and religious youth organisations from across the globe, as well as minority and student associations – took part in the meeting, which included a “Village Forum” on the lawn in front of the Council of Europe on the afternoon of 6 May.

The conference, which was fully opened to the press, gave participants the chance to discuss their own experiences of globalisation and Europe's position in the world. They were also able to set up a platform for sending political messages and for finding solutions to problems caused by globalisation. The overall aim is to encourage good governance and to protect human dignity worldwide.

The event, which involved workshops at the Palais de l'Europe and the European Youth Centre, was focused on six main themes:

• democratic governance and youth participation
• human rights and responsibilities
• culture and diversity
• sustainable development
• peace
• education and employment.

Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, closed the event on Saturday 8 May.

Presentation of the event "Europe, Youth and globalisation" (Pdf)

Globalisation is what we make of it, says Walter Schwimmer (more...)
Speech by Walter Schwimmer
Speech by Fabienne Keller

Village Forum
The Village-Forum will be an interactive space, and will be located on the lawn in front of the main Council of Europe building. It will take place in the afternoon of the 6 th of May. (more...)
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