The main partners and beneficiaries of the Project are the Public Prosecution Service, the Ministry of Justice, the Office of the People’s Advocate of the Republic of Moldova (Ombudsman institution) and the National Institute of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, as well as legal professionals.

The main objective of the Project is to support the Republic of Moldova in fulfilling its outstanding statutory and accession commitments towards the Council of Europe in the field of criminal justice.

The following results are expected:

  • The capacity is enhanced among key stakeholders to ensure the compliance of the criminal justice sector legislation with European standards and support is provided to the institutional reform of the Public Prosecution Service.
  • The institutional capacity is developed to implement the mandates of the Ombudsman and the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) in accordance with international standards recognised in the UN Paris Principles and the UN/CoE conventions against torture
  • The institutional capacity is developed for adopting regulatory guarantees, implementing strategies and action plans as well as monitoring functions aimed at preventing and ensuring remedial action in cases of ill-treatment.

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Project achievements discussed at the Closing Conference of the Council of Europe Project “Support to Criminal Justice Reforms in the Republic of Moldova”

21 March 2018 Chisinau

On 21 March a high level conference marked the finalisation of the Project “Support to Criminal Justice Reforms in the Republic of Moldova” funded by the Government of Denmark. Implemented during 2015-2018, the Project was designed to contribute to support Republic of Moldova to fulfil its...

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Moldovan Judges and Prosecutors trained on the International Standards on Combating Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment

22-23 February 2018 Chisinau

A two-day training “International standards on combating torture, inhuman and degrading treatment” took place at the National Institute of Justice in Chisinau on 22-23 February 2018. It was organised for judges and prosecutors of the Republic of Moldova and aimed at enhancing their capacities to...

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Council of Europe contributes to the implementation of the new procedures for the evaluation and selection of prosecutors in the Republic of Moldova

20-21 February 2018 Chisinau

On 20-21 February 2018, two workshops were organised for the members of the Superior Council of Prosecutors, Boards for prosecutor’s evaluation and prosecutor’s selection and career, in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. After the adoption of the new Law on Public Prosecution Service in 2016, a new...

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