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"Le Groupe des 5" Association

"Le Groupe des 5" Association / Association « Le Groupe des 5 »

Cultural Route
  • Le Corbusier Destinations : Architectural Promenades
  • France
Member Category
  • Cultural Institution / NGO
  • Heritage Site
Member Status
Year of Accession to Membership
Contact Details
121 Avenue Alsace Lorraine
FR-33200 Bordeaux Caudéran

Tel: +33 (0)5 56 08 08 88
Website: www.groupedescinq.fr
Email: g5[at]wanadoo.fr
Contact Person
Thomas FOY
Main Town/Region
Bordeaux (Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
Site Town/Region
Podensac (Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
Main GPS Location
44.847421, -0.610390
Site GPS Location
44.658436, -0.362790
UNESCO World Heritage List
European Heritage Label
Other Heritage Labels
The Association (est. 1987) is a cultural association which supports contemporary art and acts to safeguard the architectural heritage in Aquitaine. Since its creation, the group has been implementing various aspects of contemporary artistic creation through publications, conferences, films, videos and exhibitions. Among the notable actions in favour of regional heritage, the enhancement and rehabilitation of the Le Corbusier’s water tower in Podensac (Château d’eau Le Corbusier) is among the most remarkable projects.

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