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28 February and 1 March 2011, European Commission , Brussels (Belgium)

  Conference poster


The Council of Europe - in partnership with the European Commission - has organised this conference on 28 February and 1 March 2011.  The event was open to public authorities, researchers, NGOs, civil society, etc., and its aim was to give a thoroughly European focus to our reflection on the question of responsibilities in forging the future of our designs for democracy, social justice, poverty alleviation, sustainability and communal living. A “European Charter on shared social responsibilities” is currently being drawn up and has been discussed during the first working day.


The conference has dealt primarily with the following topics:


- the transformations in Europe: social cohesion and shared responsibility, key factors in creating vision and rebuilding confidence in the future;

- the need for a concept of shared social responsibility: prospects and obstacles;

- mobilising citizens and stake-holders through and for shared responsibilities;

- the challenges to placing shared responsibility at the heart of the political agenda;

- organising ourselves to achieve the objective of well-being for all.


Summary of the Conference




List of participants

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Available documents

Draft recommendation and Charter


Seminar 28 February  2011


Conference 1 March 2011


Speech - Secretary General of the Council of Europe


Speech - President of the European  Commission


Speech - Commissioner Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion European Commission


Speech - Head of Unit, DG Employment,  Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission


Speech - Head of Division - Social Cohesion Research and Development - Council of Europe (only in French)


New Strategy and Council of Europe Action Plan for Social Cohesion



News in European Union Press Agency 


Publications : Trends in social cohesion

No 22: Rethinking progress and ensuring a secure future for all: what we can learn from the crisis


To be published in 2011 :

No 23: Towards a Europe of shared social responsabilities : challenges and strategies


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