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The approach of the Council of Europe against economic crime consists of three interrelated elements: standards setting, monitoring compliance with these standard and capacity building through technical cooperation.



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News ... (07/11/2008)

MOLI-UA-2 Project : Study visit

[7 November 2008, Strasbourg] From 17 to 21 November 2008, a study visit to Sweden will be organised under MOLI-UA-2 project for 13 Ukrainian experts representing the State Committee for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine and the financial sector. Its aim is to visit training institutions in Sweden, mainly in Stockholm and Gothenburg, to exchange best practices and study training solutions available to the law enforcement agencies and judiciary  in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing.  

Confiscation of proceeds of crime in South-eastern Europe

[3 November 2008, Strasbourg] Countries of South-eastern Europe have made important progress, since 2001, with regard to financial investigations and the confiscation of proceeds from crime but further efforts are required. These are the conclusions of the regional PROSECO seminar on the confiscation of proceeds from crime held in Cavtat, Croatia, 25-26 September 2008.

Link to the Conclusions
Link to the Financial Investigations Special File
Link to the PROSECO web page

Cybercrime training for Prosecutors and Judges from South-Eastern Europe

[20 October 2008, Strasbourg] The Regional Cybercrime event, composed of a Cybercrime training and a Workshop on international co-operation against cybercrime, is organised within the Projects on Cybercrime and on Support to Prosecutors' Network in South Eastern Europe. The objectives of the meeting are:

- to train prosecutors and judges from countries of South Eastern Europe in the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of cybercrime
- to identify needs and opportunities for further training of judges and prosecutors
- to enhance the effectiveness of international co-operation against cybercrime (urgent, provisional measures and international co-operation).

The training will take place on 18 and 19 November in Ohrid, "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia".

Agenda in English

TYEC: Ethics Training Programme

[14 October 2008, Strasbourg] The first ethics training activity of TYEC will take place in a Turkish public sector training company, TUSSIDE (Turkish Institute for International Management) during 19-24 October 2008. 25 trainers candidates from central government ministries and various public bodies have been selected to participate in the programme. The programme involves the completion and publication of the training package, the training of the selected trainers on how to train and the use of the training package. The training programme will be supervised by a Turkish and International Short Term Expert and will involve a pilot exercise. The training is intended to:

1. Support the Council of Ethics Training Programme for senior national, regional and local public officials between November 2008 and October 2009;

2. Encourage the trainers to work with the ethics commissions in their respective ministries to set up a training strategy:

3. Assist the Council of Ethics to deliver a national training programme.

Combating the Financing of Terrorism

[26 September 2008, Strasbourg] The seminar on countering terrorist financing organised by Basel Institute of Governance will take place in Davos, Switzerland from 1 to 3 October 2008. The main topics on the agenda are the intelligence gathering, the cooperation between law enforcement bodies and private sector, and the use of modern technology. MOLI-UA2, MOLI-RU2 and MOLICO Projects provide for participation of the representatives of the State Committee for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine, Rosfinmonitoring,  the Center for Combating Corruption and Economic Crime (CCCEC) and General Prosecutor’s office.

Link to the Agenda (english) and (russian)

TRES-UA: Start-up of the Project on strengthening and protecting women's and children's rights in Ukraine

[18 September 2008, Strasbourg] The new Joint Project between the Council of Europe and European Commission was announced at the press conference held in Kyiv on 4 September 2008. This Project, on strengthening and protecting women's and children's rights in Ukraine, is part of the new joint action to support Ukrainian authorities and civil society efforts in promoting and protecting gender equality and children's rights in line with international standards. This action will be implemented by the Council of Europe, UNDP and International Labour Organisation (ILO) through separate projects which are financed substantially by the European Commission. An important media and communication project will ensure the visibility of the action.

Link to the project summaries

TYEC: Call for Expression of Interest: Research Studies (2)

report[3 September 2008, Strasbourg] Within the framework of its project in Turkey “Ethics for the Prevention of Corruption in Turkey”, the Council of Europe is interested to commission six further research studies to outside researchers/think tank or other organisations. The aim of the research studies is to develop a greater understanding of various issues related to the development of public ethics in Turkey. The research studies topics/subject matters are as following: 1) Public Bidding and Ethics (re-advertisement) 2) Ethical Conduct in the Health Services (re-advertisement) 3)The Shadow Economy 4) Professional Associations and Ethics 5) Ethics and Custom Services 6) Ethics, Culture and Society.

See the links for full research announcement (in English) and the application procedure:  account information, copyright declaration, identity declaration, financial compliance declaration, model of estimated budget.





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