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Budget Committee Membership

Members of the Budget Committee (2017-2019)

The Budget Committee is composed of thirteen members with recognised competence in the administrative and financial fields, appointed by the Committee of Ministers for a renewable term of three years.

In accordance with Article 25 of the Financial Regulations of the Council of Europe, six experts are appointed upon nomination by the six member states paying the highest contributions to the General Budget of the Organisation. Seven other experts are appointed upon nomination by the governments of the other member states.

Thirteen alternate members are appointed by the Committee of Ministers, under the same conditions, in respect of each state whose candidate is appointed titular member.

See also Chair and Vice-Chair section.




Christoph Jackwerth Angelina Migsich Austria
Jean Parmentier Marie-Chantal Musset France
Detlev Hammann Michael Becker Germany
Maria Teresa Polito Salvatore Sebastiano Vizzini Italy
Heidi Malene Nipe   Norway
Wojciech Nowak Marta Pietrzak Poland
Nikolay Lozinskiy Evgeny Vladimirovich Kalugin Russian Federation
Jesus Manuel Gomez Garcia Maria del Mar Rodriguez Polack Spain
Jörg Portmann Christine Puente Switzerland
Cebrail Yilmazer Ömer Nuri Türkşen Turkey
Alistair Vosper Keith McMahon United Kingdom


Two seats are currently vacant (procedure underway)