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Regular 3-year evaluation
(2022-2023 cycle)

Certified Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe are subject to a three-year regular evaluation, as provided for in Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Resolution CM/Res(2013)67, Article IV, 3 « Evaluation of networks responsible for projects having received the certification 'Cultural Route of the Council of Europe' ».

14 Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe will undergo regular evaluation in the context of the 2022-2023 Certification Cycle:


  1. Viking Routes (1993)
  2. Via Regia (2005)
  3. Cluniac sites in Europe (2005)
  4. European Route of Jewish heritage (2005)
  5. Transromanica – The Romanesque Routes of European Heritage (2007)
  6. In the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson (2015)
  7. The European Routes of Emperor Charles V (2015)
  8. The Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route (2015)
  9. Destination Napoleon (2015)
  10. European Route of Industrial Heritage (2019)
  11. Iron Curtain Trail (2019)
  12. Le Corbusier Destinations: architectural promenades (2019)
  13. Liberation Route Europe (2019)
  14. Routes of Reformation (2019)