Watch the video to see how encounters can be visualised in terms of concentric circles.


Your own circles of encounter

Draw four concentric circles and label them 'interpersonal', 'institutional', 'local' and 'global', as shown in the video. Alternatively use our circles of encounter template.

In each of these circles write two intercultural encounters that you have had. Be as specific as you can, writing the names of the people if you know them. It may be that some people you have encountered fit into more than one circle. For example, someone you work with who is also a close friend.


Choose one of the encounters you have noted and consider:

  • What were the positive aspects of your encounter?
  • What were the negative aspects?
  • Did anything surprise you or was there anything more you would like to know about that person?

You might also like to return to the story of encounter you analysed in Module 2 Activity 3. What circle(s) of encounter did the story take place in?