When she was preparing to take part in an international seminar, Alice, an MA student of sociology from Stockholm University, wrote her Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE). She described and reflected on an experience which, in her own words, "has changed her in a huge way". However, it is not only the encounter itself, but also relating it and reflecting on it with the help of the AIE's questions and prompts that has helped Alice develop her intercultural competences.

Read and find evidence of intercultural competences

Click below to read two sections from Alice's original AIE. Explore them for evidence of intercultural competences that Alice demonstrates.

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>> Download section 4 of Alice's AIE here  >> Download section 9 of Alice's AIE here

Note: Names and some other details have been changed in Alice's AIE for data privacy purposes.


To complete this task you may firstly want to refer back to Module 4, in which you familiarised yourself with the eleven intercultural competences underpinning the AIE.

One or more of these eleven competences are addressed in each of the AIE's sections.

>> Click here for an overview of the competences and sections


>> Read the faciliator's commentary for section 4 of Alice's AIE here

>> Read the faciliator's commentary for section 9 of Alice's AIE here


In practice, the intercultural competences that can be detected in what the AIE user relates may not fit so neatly into the sections. When you look at your own AIE, what evidence of competences do you find? In which sections do you find them?