Define yourself

Click here to open the initial section of the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE), Who I am. Save the file to your computer, then fill it in, writing as much or as little as you like. Note that the download only contains the first section of the AIE. You will be filling in the rest of the AIE at the end of Module 3.

Other people's definitions of themselves

After you have filled in the Who I am section, look at how three other users of the AIE have completed it. For reasons of data privacy, some of the details have been changed.

Click here for Anna’s Who I am section.

Click here for Rayya’s Who I am section.

Click here for Imad’s Who I am section.

© Knut Skjærven

Is there one which appeals to you most? If so, why? Which social groups have Anna, Rayya and Imad chosen to identify with? Have they foregrounded any personal attributes and/or interpersonal relationship roles?


You can read the facilitator's commentary on Anna's, Rayya's and Imad's definitions of themselves in the Who I am section of the AIE here