Transitional justice

In several European regions affected by past or ongoing conflicts, the achievement of human rights, democracy and the rule of law remains a challenge, with implications for reconciliation. The Commissioner works with national authorities to identify shortcomings and opportunities to promote justice, reparation, truth and non-recurrence.

Dealing with the Past for a Better Future - Resolute efforts on dealing with the violent past are required in the region of the former Yugoslavia

The failure to fully deal with wartime atrocities and the root causes of conflicts in the 1990s continues to have devastating consequences on respect for human rights, the rule of law and social cohesion in the region.

Time is pressing to achieve effective justice, reparations and truth for the victims”, said the Commissioner. “The notable backsliding of the processes to deal with the past coincides with negative human rights trends on hate speech, freedom of assembly, media freedom and civic space, and ultimately threatens hard-won peace.  full article