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HELP Training Platform

Plataforma de aprendizaje

The platform provides a range of resources on the ECHR. These include distance-learning and self-learning resources on the ECHR and European human rights standards, as well as handbooks and other useful resources.

HELP uses the Moodle platform to publish these resources. The resources are free of charge for the user.

Cursos de aprendizaje a distancia

Cursos de aprendizaje a distancia están disponibles para profesionales del Derecho que participen en cursos piloto dirigidos por tutores nacionales acreditados.

Resources on the following topics are already available:

  • Admissibility criteria in applications submitted to the European Court of Human Rights
  • Anti-discrimination issues
  • Asylum and the ECHR
  • Business and human rights
  • Chemical precursors
  • Community sanctions and alternative measures to detention
  • Counterfeiting of medical products and crimes against public health
  • Deliberate ill-treatment in the light of the ECHR
  • Family law and Child-friendly justice
  • Hate crime and hate speech
  • International cooperation in criminal matters
  • Introduction to the ECHR and ECtHR
  • Trafficking in human beings
  • Transitional Justice and Human Rights
  • Pre-trial investigation in the light of the ECHR
  • Property rights

Recursos de autoaprendizaje

Self-learning resources están disponibles para cualquier usuario que tenga una cuenta en la HELP Moodle plataforma. Los materiales de capacitación están disponibles para todos e incluyen:

Todos estos materiales están disponibles en diferentes idiomas.