Know more about Bioethics and the Council of Europe

Benjamin Hulbut

Rodica Gramma

Olivier Becht 

David Winckoff

Lars Klüver

Paula Martinho Da Silva 

Liliane Maury Pasquier

Solvilta Olsena

Karine Lefeuvre

Jean François Delfraissy (CCNE)

The role of the DH-BIO
Tesi Aschan,
Chair, Bioethics Committee (DH-BIO)


Bioethics and the ECHR
Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos,
President, European court of Human Rights

Bioethics and PACE
Liliane-Maury Pasquier,
President, Parliamentary Assembly


Bioethics and the INGOs
Anna Rurka,
President, Conference of the INGOs

Bioethics and Human Rights
Hans Jorg Behrens,
Steering, Committe for Human Rights (CDDH)


Bioethics and Human Rights
Christophe Poirel,
Director, Human Rights

Petra de Sutter,
Gynaecologist and professor, University of Ghent


The Oviedo Convention
Liliane Maury Pasquier,
President of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly

The Oviedo Convention
Angelika Nussberger,
Vice President of the Court of Human Rights


Human Rights and Biomedicine
Thierry Mathieu,
Vice President of the Democracy Commission, social cohesion and global issues

Child rights
Ton Liefaard,
Unicef Professor at the University of Leiden


Health and Genetics Data
Mark Bale

Big Data
Christine Woopen,
Professor of ethics and theory of medicine at the University of Cologne