Change through learning

At the end of the Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters (AIE), learners are asked to consider whether and how they have changed after the experience they recount. Changes may relate to attitudes, knowledge, skills and future intentions or action orientation (see Module 4) and the user's thinking and behaviour related to these. Finally users are asked what they have done or intend to do as a result of their learning from the encounter and from filling in the AIE.


Review your own answers to the final three questions of the AIE. What can you do to extend your thinking and knowledge relating to the encounter?

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In this activity examples of users’ responses to the questions in the last section of the AIE are used as a springboard for considering how the facilitator might build on the learning in evidence there.

>> Click here to download some extracts from responses given by AIE users and then complete the following tasks:

  • (i) Identify the change each learner has experienced or the action they intend to take or have already taken.

>> Click here to read a facilitator's commentary

  • (ii) Choose two examples and think about the kind of support you would offer by way of either consolidating or extending the learning that has taken place.

Note: The distinction between these categories is not always clear cut. However, to consolidate learning is to identify the main learning points from the encounter and to extend learning is to ask new questions and make new connections.

>> Click here to compare your ideas with those of the course facilitator

  • (iii) Look at extract (g) and think about what you would do to encourage the learner to act upon his learning.

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