Münster, Germany

6 November 2017

The University of Münster is organizing a satellite event of the World Forum for Democracy on 6th November. Participants will discuss the promise and perils of e-democracy to media and political parties in the context of rising populism.

New forms of online communication have raised hopes to reconnect citizens and their elected representatives. However, the anonymity of the internet serves a populist agenda, as populist political communication tries to discredit traditional media and political parties.

Can digitalization be a trigger for populism or can electronic democracy be a panacea against this failure. Can online participatory instruments enhance the quality of democracy? Are there new instruments to identify Fake-News and foster democratic integrity? This will be discussed by citizens, students and academics at the Academy Hitzehaus in Münster on November, 6. 2017. The results will be transferred to the WfD.

For further information, please contact Prof. Norbert Kersting (wwu.uri@uni-muenster.de).

Programme in German