What is a Satellite event?

Since its first edition in 2012, the World Forum for Democracy has gained recognition as an arena for seminal discussions on issues of modern democracy. To reach out to a wider range of contributions and enrich the debate, the Forum encourages the organisation of satellite events by universities renowned in the sphere of political studies and international relations, non-governmental organisations, municipalities and other institutions. This idea has been successfully implemented in 2015, when four outstanding universities organised satellite events related to the Forum΄s topic.

The organising institutions are free to decide independently about the dates and format of the event, the speakers and the specific topic(s). The satellite events can take place any time during the year. Possible formats include seminars or a seminar series, lectures in schools, surveys, social media campaigns, hackathons, local implementation of innovation initiatives presented in previous Forums, radio/tv debates, or lightening talks with the public at large (at NGOs, schools, community centres, etc).

The organising institutions will be asked to send a final report of the event, along with various media content including videos and photos that will be published on the website of the Council of Europe.

The Forum Secretariat is open to discuss any other format that the organising institution would like to propose. The key for any satellite events and initiatives should be innovative, progressive ideas, models, prototypes, that are realistic, addressing current issues and problems, having a potential to be replicated in various countries, universities and environments, something that can lead to a positive change and to the improvement of democracies worldwide.



The funding for the satellite events should be provided by the organising institution.

The World Forum for Democracy Secretariat will be able to fund the participation in the Forum of a delegation of maximum 2 people.


 Benefits for the organising institutions

The satellite events provide the organising institutions and their ideas visibility and access to the World Forum audience, politicians, professional groups and networks all over the world.

Opportunities for establishing collaborations and networks with other universities and/or institutions;

Last, but not least-have your share in turning the World Forum for Democracy into a world-wide arena for improving democracies, increasing its viability and credibility in the world. Do this by your active participation, by contributing with your ideas, support, constructive criticism and solutions to problems.

If you are interested in hosting a satellite event, you can send your proposal via the contact form.