6 November 2023 - 11.30-13.00 / Hemicycle of the European Parliament (access via the Palais de l’Europe)


The idea that democracy is a guarantee of peace is widely shared, but is today under threat. Have democracies adapted themselves to face the risks which are themselves evolving?

While some of the most terrible aspects of war remain, the nature of conflict has also changed with the use of drones, cyber-warfare and the deployment of nearly imperceptible propaganda across social media. For peace to be a real force to be reckoned with, it must itself be waged with conviction. But how? Should we not cultivate democracy in our daily practices, in education, the workplace, our civic, sporting life, etc? Shouldn’t the values of democracy, and the institutions which support them, be closely reflective of the real experiences and aspirations of the citizens who cherish them? Women and children are too often the tragic face of war’s devastation, but their voices are rarely heard in the political debates, peace negotiations and peace-building processes. If democracy and peace are processes or a way of life, then there is surely a need to cultivate the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for people to actively engage, participate and contribute to its survival. But how? Can we teach peace?

World Forum for Democracy 2023: Times for facts, Welcoming words and Plenary 1

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Hemicycle of the European Parliament 6 November 2023 - 10.00-13.00
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Interview with Natallia PINCHUK, Wife of Ales Bialitski, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2022, Belarus

GERLACH Annette 2023


Journalist and TV-Host, ARTE

Annette Gerlach from Berlin is a bilingual journalist and TV host for ARTE, the European cultural channel she joined when it was founded in 1992. She presents the daily news programme as well as prestigious live music events from La Scala in Milan, La Fenice in Venice, the Paris Opera, the Berlin Philharmonic, the Salzburg Festival, and the Savonlinna Festival in Finland. She is also in charge of developing Educ'ARTE and ARTE Campus in Germany, ARTE's educational tools for schools and universities. Annette Gerlach is a regular speaker at conferences, round tables, symposia or award ceremonies for the Council of Europe or the European Parliament, among other institutions and associations. She also does coaching for television and stage presentations.

TAYLOR Alex 2023


European journalist

Alex Taylor is a European journalist. He has produced and presented TV and radio programmes for 30 years, mainly on French TV and radio (France Télévisions, France Inter), but also for international broadcasters (Euronews, TV5 Monde, ARTE, BBC). He was Programme Director for Radio France Internationale in charge of implementing the current 24 hours news format. Parallel to journalism, he has hosted some 1 500 international conferences on a wide variety of topics, especially environmental issues. He has also written a best seller on his passion, languages, of which he speaks (more or less) 7. He also once worked as a camel trainer in a circus.



Founder and Executive Chairman, Institute for Economics and Peace


Steve Killelea is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics & Peace, a global think tank dedicated to building a greater understanding of the factors that create and sustain peaceful societies. He is an acclaimed high-tech entrepreneur, having established two global publicly listed IT companies, an author, film producer and philanthropist. His family foundation focuses on sustainable development and works with the poorest of the poor and has over three and a half direct beneficiaries. The Institute for Economics and Peace publishes the Global Peace Index, the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness. Its work is used governments, corporations, universities and multilateral organisations worldwide and is at the forefront of defining what creates thriving and peaceful societies and the systemic analysis of societal systems.   

KOX Tiny 2023

Tiny KOX

President of the Parlementary Assembly, Council of Europe



WELEAD Director, winner of the Kofi Annan NexGen Democracy Prize

Namatai Kwekweza is a 24 year old activist an feminist with over 6 years of experience in community organizing, social entrepreneurship and human rights advocacy, mainly focusing on youth and women's rights. She is a disruptive though leader and consultant who currently serves as the Executive Director of  WELEAD Trust, an organization that she founded at age 18 in 2017, which is focused on youth leadership development and advocacy. Namatai is an awardee of the WalkAbout Prize, a Fellow at the School of International Futures, an awardee of the inaugural Kofi Annan NextGen Prize for Democracy, a Rotarian and an award winning professional public speaker under Toastmasters International in Southern Africa.


LEE Taeho

Taeho LEE

Director of Center for Peace and Disarmament of the People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD)

South Korea

Taeho Lee is a civil activist in South Korea. He is a chair of the Steering Committee and a director of the Center for Peace and Disarmament of the Peoples Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD), a watchdog NGO based in Seoul. He is currently serving as a co-convenor of the Korea Peace Appeal, an international campaign to end the Korean War. He is also a member of the editorial board of the quarterly 『Creation and Criticism』, a critical comprehensive magazine on literature and social issues. He has been involved in civic actions related to the prevention of state abuse of power, political reform, and the promotion of peace and human rights. He was one of the co-directors of the Situation Room of the 'Emergency People's Action for the Resignation of the Park Geun-hye Government', which organized the candlelight vigils that led to the impeachment of President Park in 2017.


Natallia PINCHUK

Wife of Ales Bialitski, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2022, The Václav Havel Human Rights Prize Winner 2013


Natallia Pinchuk is a spouse of Ales Bialacki, 2022 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and political prisoner of Lukashenka regime. Natallia Pinchuk is a historian and university professor. She graduated from Homiel University as a teacher of history, taught at the Belarusian Humanitarian Lyceum, the Belarusian Academy of Arts. Author of articles about Belarusian jewelry art of the Middle Ages, a book about jewelry art of Belarus, as well as a textbook on the history of Belarus for foreign students. Married to Ales Bialacki since 1987. They have a son, Adam. Ales Bialacki is prominent Belarusian public figure, sentenced for 10 years of imprisonment for his human rights defense activities.