TUESDAY, 29 JUNE 2021, 4.00-5.00 P.M. CET

 Video recording: EN / FR / ORI

The World Forum for Democracy is hosting High Level Dialogue between decision makers and youth delegates to provide insights into the challenges young people face in influencing the debate and response to climate crisis. We will hear from top-level speakers about what is being done to take account of their needs and include their perspectives.

 World Forum for Democracy Youth Delegates

The Youth Delegation is a group of young people from 24 countries around the world, carefully selected by the Youth Department out of 420 applicants.

The WFD Youth Delegation is prepared and accompanied by a team of 4 trainers from the Trainer's Pool of the Youth Department to connect with the themes of the WFD Campaign and to actively participate in the online activities.



Bilingual event with simultaneous interpretation in English and French