Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF), European University Institute, Florence, Italy

3 November 2016

This is a satellite event for the World Forum on Democracy from 7 – 9 November at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, which will examine what are the pressing Media Literacy issues today and how the Media Pluralism Monitor, run by the CMPF, can better measure Media Literacy.

 This event aims to:

  • Provide an overview of how media literacy is measured today.
  • Get the participants’ feedback on how improve the media literacy assessment in the future.
  • Highlight pressing media literacy issues in Europe and discuss adequate policy recommendations.

Participants organised in small groups will be asked to brainstorm about how the Monitor copes with measuring the following media literacy issues, what other indicators can be developed and added to complement the MPM indicator, and how the data should be collected for the new indicators.

The event participants will be media literacy experts from across Europe, including Paolo Celot from the European Association for Viewers Interests (EAVI), who has authored several books and studies related to media literacy (other participants are still to be confirmed).

Conclusions and recommendations from the event will be presented at the Council of Europe’s World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg (7-9 November 2016).

For any additional information, contact Alina Ostling: [email protected]