Pre-recorded transmissions - Video and audio recording

The following pre-recorded videos will be available online around two hours after their delivery.


Monday 24 April 2017

Full session

Pedro Agramunt, President of the Parliamentary Assembly

Debate: Progress report of the Bureau and the Standing Committee

Communication from the Committee of Ministers - Ioannis Kasoulides, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and Chairperson of the Committee of Ministers

Free debate


Tuesday 25 April 2017

Full session

Debate: The functioning of democratic institutions in Turkey

Question time to Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe

Debate: Observation of the early parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Debate: Human rights in the North Caucasus: what follow-up to Resolution 1738 (2010)?

Debate: Fighting income inequality as a means of fostering social cohesion and economic development


Wednesday 26 April 2017

Full session

Debate: Protecting refugee women from gender-based violence

Prokopis Pavlopoulos, President of the Hellenic Republic‎

Annual activity report 2016 by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks

Current affairs debate: European values under threat: addressing rising xenophobia, antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe

Debate: 25 years of the CPT: achievements and areas for improvement

Debate: Abusive use of the Interpol system: the need for more stringent legal safeguards


Thursday 27 April 2017

Full session

Debate under urgent procedure: Alarming developments in Hungary: draft NGO law restricting civil society and possible closure of the Central European University

His Majesty the King of Spain

Debate: The protection of the rights of parents and children belonging to religious minorities

Debate: Possible ways to improve the funding of emergency refugee situations


Friday 28 April 2017

Full session

Debate: Technological convergence, artificial intelligence and human rights

Debate under urgent procedure: Draft Council of Europe Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property