2016 Edition

FACE Film Award was given to the film Mediterranea, directed by Jonas Carpignano

The film El Abrazo de la Serpiente / Embrace of the Serpent, directed by Ciro Guerra won the Special Mention

Mediterranea is a sensitive and realistic account of the dangers, suffering and injustices faced by sub-Saharan migrants who end up in Europe.  Harsh working conditions, precarious living conditions and modern slavery infused by ambient racism all gradually feed feelings of rebellion.  Violence and confrontation are brewing…

 The Embrace of the Serpent clearly and poetically conveys the message that colonialism does not just strip the conquered peoples of their wealth and possessions at the cost of the shameless destruction of their natural resources; it steals their culture from them and destroys their identity. “Unless we force the white man to understand us, we will be doomed; it will be the end of everything.”

The 2016 Audentia Award for best female director was presented to Anca Damian (The Magic Mountain) during the closing ceremony of the 35th Istanbul Film Festival Eurimages. The award, a cash prize of 30 000 euros, has been instigated by Eurimages alongside a raft of other measures to promote greater gender equality in the European film industry.

2015 Edition

Competition cancelled 

2014 Edition

Rithy Panh wins the Face Award for "The Missing Picture" –The Special Mention goes to Maria Binder for "Trans X Istanbul"

The Human Rights Jury of the 33rd Istanbul Film Festival decided to give:

The FACE Award  to The Missing Picture/ L'Image manquante by Rithy Panh (Cambodia-France) for "moving from the memories about his personal experience during the Khmer Rouge period and conveying a clear, original and innovative description of an inhuman period in Cambodian history. Remembering the past warns us about the danger of any kind of totalitarianism and despotic regime which inevitably leads to a tragedy for humanity."

The Special Mention to Trans X Istanbul by Maria Binder (Turkey-Germany) for "providing a passionate, personal and sincere look on the condition of transsexuals in our contemporary societies. Marginalisation, poverty which often leads to prostitution; this film is a plea to stop any form of discrimination and to raise awareness about this injustice."

2013 Edition

''Syngue Sabour'' wins Film Award of the Council of Europe'

The 2013 Film Award of the Council of Europe (FACE) was awarded to Afghan director Atiq Rahimi for his film entitled "Syngue Sabour" ("The Patience Stone") which denounces violence against women by shedding light on a grim and complex reality which would otherwise remain hidden.

The Jury also decided to award two special mentions : the first one to Bosniac director, Danis Tanovic, for his film "An Episode in the Life of an Iron Picker" which brings to the fore a simple and touching story of poverty and discrimination, and to South-Korean director Muel O. for his film " Ji Seul" on the Korean conflict of 1948.

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2012 Edition

''Just the Wind'' wins Film Award of the Council of Europe

The 2012 Film Award of the Council of Europe (FACE) was awarded to Hungarian director Bence Fliegauf for his film entitled Just the Wind / Sadece Rüzgâr. The award was presented by Jury President Juanita Wilson and was handed to Bence Fliegauf by Ambassador Rauf Engin Soysal, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the Council of Europe. Photo from l. to r. : Rauf Engin Soysal, Juanita Wilson and Bence Fliegauf. (more...)

2011 Edition

Council of Europe Film Award goes to Irish Director Juanita Wilson

Juanita Wilson received the 5th Film Award of the Council of Europe (FACE) for her film ''As if I'm Not There'', during the closing ceremony of the 30th international film festival in Istanbul on 16 April. The award is presented to the director of a film that raises public awareness of human rights issues and fosters a better understanding of their importance. Photo : James Flynn, Juanita Wilson, winner FACE 2011, Daryal Batıbay. (more...)

2010 Edition

 ''Ajami'' wins Film Award of the Council of Europe

Deputy Secretary General, Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, presented on 17 April the fourth Film Award of the Council of Europe (FACE) to Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani, during the closing ceremony of the 29th international film festival in Istanbul (Turkey). The Human Rights Jury described the film as an ''original tale of a multilayered society where different religions, beliefs, traditions and interests have to co-exist''. (more...)

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