Promoting human rights, democracy and the rule of law

The Directorate of Communications strives to provide clear and accurate information about the work of the Council of Europe and promotes its values, positions and decisions. 

Our outreach is targeted at:

  • media;
  • governments and national authorities;
  • human rights defenders, NGOs, think tanks and academics;
  • the general public.

The Directorate serves all branches of the organisation. Our activities comprise:

  • relations with journalists (Spokesperson’s Service);
  • social media and online communications;
  • media monitoring and daily press reviews;
  • audiovisual production and services;
  • corporate visual identity;
  • electronic and paper publications;
  • visits to the Council of Europe (including on request of national and European members of parliament);
  • management of public events and exhibitions.

The Council of Europe is the continent’s leading human rights organisation. To raise its profile and maintain its reputation we:

  • have the capability to respond rapidly to political developments and crises at all times;
  • focus on key issues including freedom of expression, the rule of law and judicial reforms in member states as well as combatting discrimination, hate speech, corruption, terrorism and cybercrime;
  • co-ordinate communications of the constituent parts of the organisation.
  • Implement the communications strategy 2020-2025

The Directorate of Communications is responsible for the Council of Europe’s web design and usability, and the content of its main online hub in the official languages English and French. It also maintains the Italian and German language versions of the hub.

A media  officer posted in Brussels handles communications related to the EU institutions. Our services promote public relations with the City of Strasbourg and Paris and handle applications for patronage addressed to the Secretary General.

The internal communications team works to enhance in-house information exchange and support team spirit. It is responsible for the Intranet.

Promoting gender equality in communications is a key task.

Increasing value for money is important to us. The combined staff and operational costs of the Directorate of Communications account for 1.31% of the Council of Europe’s total budget for the year.