Back Human Rights Commissioner calls on all member states to end so-called “conversion” therapies for LGBTI people

Drawing: © Thomas Fuchs

Drawing: © Thomas Fuchs

In her latest Comment article, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović urges all Council of Europe member states to adopt a human rights-based approach to eliminating so-called “conversion therapies”, which are aimed at changing or suppressing a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity or expression when it does not conform to the perceived dominant norm. According to the Commissioner, such practices conflict with an overwhelming consensus of international human rights and scientific bodies. Legal bans have already been adopted or are being considered in several member states. Her Comment article concludes that:

“Diverse sexual orientations and gender identities or expressions are not to be repressed or changed. They are an expression of the rich diversity of human beings. I call on Council of Europe member states to take decisive measures to eliminate SOGIE conversion practices. We should all continue to work for a world free of discrimination and prejudices against LGBTI people, so that conversion practices are finally recognised for what they are: a harmful fraud”.

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Commissioner for Human Rights Strasbourg 16 February 2023
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