From the remembrance of the Holocaust to the prevention of radicalisation and crimes against humanity (PREV2)

This course focused on how every teacher can contribute to prevention, and, in particular, it looked at how to strengthen values in education (notably the coherence between one’s values and one’s behaviour), how critical observation and critical thinking can help to resist group pressure and blind obedience to authority and how these and similar educational efforts can contribute to preventing radicalisation and crimes against humanity. The participants developed and tested teaching and training materials which are published below and can serve as examples of practice to be disseminated and developed further.

The participants of this trainer training course are now in a better position to use diverse methods and approaches to contribute to education for the prevention of radicalisation and crimes against humanity; thus, they are better equipped to:

  • raise awareness in teachers and learners, in their families and communities of the importance of education’s role in the prevention of radicalisation and crimes against humanity;
  • keep alive the memory of the Holocaust as one way to prevent radicalisation and future crimes against humanity;
  • integrate the development of the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge in their teaching and training practice;
  • take action in their school and community to promote inclusiveness and democratic participation as well as to counter developments that may lead to radicalisation.

Module A - Strasbourg, France  22 to 25 November 2016
Module B - Graz, Austria 13 to 15 September 2017

Training resources developed in this course (15).

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