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Module A : Strasbourg, France - 20-23 October 2015 – Module B - Mosta, Malta - 24-27 may 2016


Brief introduction
The current trainer training course will focus on how teaching programs and courses can be evaluated
and how learning progress and outcomes with regard to transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge -
TASKs - can be assessed. The course will explore and help us to respond to questions such as: Were the
expected outcomes reached? To what extent were the TASK components developed? Do we have a
reliable and useful picture of where each student stands? Have individual students in my class developed
their awareness of where they are at in relation to the expected outcomes? What can I as a teacher do
differently to better support the learning process and recognise progress?
Expected outcomes
➢ participants will be able to recognise and explain key values of the CoE and Pestalozzi programme with regard to education
➢ participants will be introduced to Pestalozzi Programme resources and assessment tools and be able to work with Transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge - TASKS as outcomes of their activities
➢ participants will become aware of the importance of the development and evaluation and assessment of transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge
➢ participants will get to know and discuss about different methods of assessment and evaluation: self-assessment; peer-assessment, formative assessment
➢ participants will have an opportunity to reflect on: the methods and tools of assessment and evaluation with regard to TASks
➢ participants will be willing and enabled to develop and pilot training materials and assessment tools in their contexts

Public report of this trainer training course


Pestalozzi series N°4: “TASKs for democracy – 60 activities to learn and assess transversal attitudes, skills and knowledge (TASKs)”

A book (pdf version is available free of charge) to support teachers in their efforts to promote democracy through and in education developed within the Pestalozzi Programme Community of Practice. This book is meant as a handbook for practitioners in formal and non-formal educational settings.

A graphic presentation of the included list of attitudes, skills and knowledge is aslo available in poster (free of charge in pdf version) form (A1) and 5 (A3) posters (free of charge in pdf version) by themes.