The Project is implemented by the Council of Europe and funded by the Danish Government

The Project is part of the continuous endeavour by the Council of Europe to support Ukraine to fulfil its obligations as a member state of the Organisation. After having successfully assisted Ukraine in adopting a new Code of Criminal Procedure and a new Law on the Public Prosecution Service in line with European standards, through a Project funded by Denmark, the Council of Europe will further support the implementation of the reforms in line with the objectives of the new Project.

Project Objective

The Ukrainian Public Prosecution Service and Free Legal Aid System apply their increased capacity to implement criminal justice reform, ensuring full compliance with the relevant Council of Europe standards.
The attainment of the Project objective shall contribute to strengthening democratic processes in Ukraine through the development of a criminal justice system which is:

  • fair, efficient and respectful of human rights and fundamental freedoms
  • effective in the fight against criminality
  • free of corruption and accountable at both institutional and individual levels
  • trusted by the society.

Expected results

  • The reform of the Public Prosecution Service is implemented in line with European standards and best practices
  • Capacity of the Free Legal Aid System to provide accessible and quality legal assistance is enhanced
  • Public involvement in the reforms is strengthened and confidence in the primary target institutions is increased

Project partners

Primary target institutions: The Public Prosecution Service of Ukraine, including Prosecutorial Self-governance and Support bodies; the Coordination Centre for Legal Aid Providing and the centers providing free secondary legal aid.
Additional Partners: other key institutions of the Ukrainian criminal justice system and civil society organisations.

Duration and budget

From 1 September 2015 to 28 February 2019 (42 months)
€2.9 million

Project approach and activities

The Project follows the Council of Europe’s working methods, based on standard setting, monitoring and cooperation.
The Project’s comprehensive approach includes a wide range of activities, including expert consultations, assessments and recommendations; actions aimed at enhancing institutional and operational capacities of primary target institutions; training and awareness raising initiatives; round table discussions, conferences and public debates.

You will be able to find more information at a dedicated project web-site.


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