Seminars held in the framework of the project "The new Europe" and available reports

  • Seminar on "The preparation and publication of new history textbooks for schools in European countries in democratic transition". Warsaw, Poland, 14 - 16 November 1996
  • Symposium on "Mutual understanding and the teaching of European history: challenges, problems and approaches". Prague, Czech Republic, 24 - 28 October 1995
  • Seminar on "History teaching and confidence building: the case of Central and Eastern Europe". Smolensk, Russian Federation, 26-28 April 1995
  • Seminar on "The reform of history teaching in schools in European countries in democratic transition". Graz, Austria, 27 November - 1 December 1994
  • Symposium on "History, democratic values and tolerance in Europe: the experience of countries in democratic transition". Sofia, Bulgaria, 19-22 October 1994
  • Symposium on "History Teaching and European Awareness". Delphi, Greece, May 1994
  • Symposium on "The Teaching of History since 1815 with a Special Reference to Changing Borders". Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, 1993
  • Symposium on "History Teaching in the New Europe". Brugge, Belgium, 1991

The document "Against Bias and Prejudice" (1995) contains a summary of the last 6 symposia and seminars



"The Council of Europe and School History" - Ann Low-Beer (1997)
"Le Conseil de l'Europe et l'enseignement de l'histoire à l'école" - Ann Low-Beer (1997)
"Consiliul Europei Şi Istoria în Şcoală",  version roumaine - Ann Low-Beer (1997)

  "History teaching and the promotion of democratic values and tolerance. A handbook for teachers" - Gallagher (1996)
  "L'enseignement de l'histoire et la promotion des valeurs démocratiques et de la tolérance. Manuel destiné aux enseignants" - Gallagher (1996)

  "The European Content of the School History Curriculum" - Stradling (1995)
  "Le contenu européen des programmes d'histoire à l'école" - Stradling (1995)