Regional Governance in Lithuania: Closing Conference

Vilnius, Lithuania and online 22 November 2022
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Regional Governance in Lithuania: Closing Conference

The Council of Europe - European Union Joint Project “Establishment of legal, institutional and financial framework at regional (county) level, capacity-building to enhance quality of regional public administration in Lithuania” will come to its end on 15 December 2022. To present the achieved results and enable a discussion between the project stakeholders, the Centre of Expertise for Good Governance organised a closing project conference on 22 November 2022, in Vilnius, Lithuania and online.

The implemented activities were designed to strengthen the institutional setup of the newly created Regional Development Councils (RDC) in Lithuania and reinforce their operational capacities through sharing best practices, in line with the Council of Europe good governance standards. The activities resulted in the following achievements:

  1. A series of capacity-building workshops with the RDCs were organised for the implementation of the Centre’s HRM tool; following up to this, a bespoken Lithuanian Human Resources Management manual has been prepared to support the functioning of these newly created regional structures
  2. A Strategic Regional Planning Guide, tailor made for the Lithuanian context, has been delivered to the authorities to help them streamline best practices and provide useful advice for preparation of regional development plans
  3. A Policy advice: Comparative study between Lithuania and Finland on financing the public services at the regional level has been prepared to offer comparative lessons for Lithuania in the topical area
  4. A Study visit for the RDCs to Finland has been organised and a summary report has been prepared to reflect the lessons learnt from the Finnish experience related to the institutional set up of the regional structures, their role in the Finnish multi-level governance system along with their operational mechanisms
  5. Peer review recommendations on regional development planning, reflecting the comparative experience from several European countries, such as Czechia, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, have been prepared and delivered to the Lithuanian authorities.

The closing conference gathered representatives of the Ministry of Interior of Lithuania, the Regional Development Councils, different municipalities, partner institutions, experts, representatives of the DG REFORM of the European Commission and the Council of Europe.