One of the best ways to get to Bratislava is to use a bus from Vienna or Bratislava Airports. From Vienna airport to Bratislava, you are advised to stop at the central bus station, "Bratislava AS" (Bottova, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia). You can then take a tram, bus or taxi from there to reach the town centre, which is not far from the central bus station.

It is also possible to use a taxi. There are various taxi services available, but to make it easier for our participants, there is an option to order taxi in advance by e-mail or via SMS (+421 905 301 112) in English or German.


 When making your reservation you need to specify

  • exact time of arrival
  • city of departure and flight number
  • the name of the passenger
  • destination (name of the hotel)

Your reservation will be confirmed.

The driver will wait in the arrival hall with a sign with the conference logo and passengers name on an A4 page. The transfer is secured directly to the hotel.


 Price list

  • Vienna airport (Schwechat) - Bratislava (hotel): 50 € cash
  • Bratislava Airport - Bratislava (hotel): 15 € cash

A receipt will be issued for the amount paid. It is advisable to book your return trip in the same way in advance. Departure from Bratislava to Vienna Airport - 2.5 hours before departure. Departure to Bratislava Airport - 1.5 hours before departure. If you require a taxi within the city, we recommend that you order one by phone or via the hotel reception. We do not recommend hailing a taxi off the street.


 Here are some other taxi options you may consider using

  • Easy taxi: +421 918 555 555
  • Expres-Taxi: +421 902 222 333
  • VB Taxi: +421 2 17 158
  • Taxi Trend: +421 903 216 302 / +421 905 716 302


 You can also download the following apps


 Bratislava public transport

In Bratislava, there are trams, buses and trolleybuses. For more information on how to get around the city please see the official website of the public transport of Bratislava.

For advice on how to get from one place to another, you may also use the journey planner.

To travel around Bratislava you will need to purchase tickets at the ticket machines, which are available at most public transportation stops and larger junctions. You may also find tickets in most mediapress stalls (“Trafika”). Some more modern buses and trams offer the possibility to purchase tickets in an automatic machine on board.


 Price list for single use tickets

  • 15 minutes: 0.70 €
  • 30 minutes: 0.90 €
  • 60 minutes: 1.20 €

The ticket must be validated on board the bus/tram/trolleybus.


 Arrival in Bratislava via Vienna International Airport

As there are excellent connection possibilities and the convenient distance, Vienna International Airport is often used when travelling to Bratislava.

There are direct buses from the airport to Bratislava with departures approx. every 30 minutes. The journey, depending on traffic, takes approx. 1 hour and the costs vary according to time and company from 1 to 10 €. Tickets can be bought on the bus, or reserved online beforehand.

For more information when planning your transport from the Vienna Airport to Bratislava, please visit websites of the companies:




Central Electoral Commission

Tigran MUKUCHYAN, Chairperson

Lilia HAKOBYAN, Deputy Head of Legal Department



Federal Ministry of the Interior

Gregor WENDA, Deputy Head of Department of Electoral Affairs

Robert STEIN, Head of Department of Electoral Affairs, Deputy Chair of Federal Electoral Board



Central Election Commission

Mazahir PANAHOV, Chairman

Rovzat GASIMOV, Head of Secretariat



Central Commission on Elections and Holding Republican Referenda

Alena DMUKHAILA, Secretary


Constitutional Court of the Republic of Belarus

Olgar SERGEEVA, Judge



Central Election Commission

Tania TZANEVA, Member



National Elections Commission

Orock EBANGHA NDIEP, Election Dispute Officer, Legal Affairs Departement



Czech Statistical Office

Eva KRUMPOVA, First Vice President

Pavel CHARVÁT, Cyber Security Manager



Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Interior

Søren STAUNING, Chief advisor



Council of State

Mohamed RASLAN, Judge, Vice President of the Council of State



National Electoral Committee

Meelis EERIK, President

Aivar RAHNO, Member


Prosecution's Office

Dilaila NAHKUR-TAMMIKSAAR, Chief State Prosecutor



Ministry of Justice

Heini HUOTARINEN, Ministerial Adviser


Government of Åland

Casper WREDE, Elections Administrator



Central Election Commission

Tamar ZHVANIA, Chairperson

Tamaz SHARMANASHVILI, Advisor to the Chairperson



Central Election Commission

Zauresh BAIMOLDINA, Member

Gulmira ERNAZAROVA, Assistant and interpreter to Ms Baimoldina



Central Commission for Elections and Referendums

Almaz ASANALIEV, Member


Office of the President

Aisuluu BUKAMBAEVA, Deputy Head of the Legal Unit


Interdistrict Court of Bishkek

Cholpon DOSMAMBETOV, Judge



Central Election Commission

Ritvars EGLĀJS, Secretary



Central Electoral Commission

Laura MATJOŠAITYTĖ, Chairperson

Lina PETRONIENE, Head of Division of Political Parties and Political Campaigns Funding Control



Federal Electoral Tribunal

José Luis VARGAS VALDEZ, Judge

Alberto GUEVARA CASTRO, General Director of External Relations


The National Electoral Institute

Lorenzo CORDOVA, President Councillor


Embassy of Mexico

Jose Manuel CASTANEDA, Councillor



Central Electoral Commission

Cristina ANGHELI, Chief, Analysis and Documentation Department

Alexandr BERLINSCHII, Cheif, Election Management Department



Electoral Council

Petra KINGMA, Senior Legal Advisor

Aat DE JONGE, Member



State Election Commission

Katerina VASILEVSKA, Head of Department for Legal Affairs

Elizabeta POSTOLOVSKA, Member

Amy SMITH, Electoral Management Body



Ministry of Local Government and modernisation

Siri DOLVEN, Deputy Director General

Sissel LIAN, Senior Advisor

Ingvild LYSNE, Advisor

Cathrine SØRLIE, Senior Advisor


Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bratislava

Victoria ENGEBRETSEN, Trainee



(*This designation shall not be construed as recognition of a State of Palestine and is without prejudice to the individual positions of Council of Europe member States on this issue)

Central Election Commission

Hisham KUHAIL, Chief Electoral Officer



Permanent Electoral Authority

Constantin-Florin MITULETU-BUICA, President

Luiza NEDELCU, Deputy Head

Sorin-Gabriel LAZAR, Adviser to the Vice-President

Ingrid BICU, Director

Roxana TOROSIAN, Deputy Head of the Registration and Archive Direction



National Election Commission

Chanjung KIM, Director of the Legal Affairs Division

Soo Min YOO, Assistant Director of the Legal Interpretation Division

Mun Seok JANG, Deputy Director of the Administration and International Affairs Division

Dongho LEE, Assistant, Legal Affairs Division



Election Authority


Carl SJOBERG, Head of IT and Communication

Annica SUNDEL, Senior Administrative Officer



Federal Chancellery

Beat KUONI, Legal Counsel



Administrative Tribunal

Abdessalem mehdi GRISSIA, First President



Central Electoral Commission


Svitlana CHERNIUK, Head of the Legal Department Unit



Ministry of Interior

Denisa SAKOVÁ, Minister of Interior

Eva CHMELOVÁ, Director

Martin GAJDOŠ, General State Advisor

Peter ZVARA, Director, Organisational Department, Public Administration Section

Zuzana MITTEROVA, Assistant

Pavol KAČIC, General State Advisor

Matej ČAPKOVIČ, Clerk

Viera BECKOVÁ, Clerk

Nikoleta MELIŠKOVÁ, General State Advisor

Danica SAILEROVA, Clerk

Lenka KRÁĽOVÁ, General Sstate Advisor

Alexander TRSTENSKý, Clerk

Lenka ŠURINOVÁ, General State Advisor


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Miroslav LAJČÁK, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Radoslav KUSENDA


Constitutional Court

Ivetta MACEJKOVÁ, former Chairwoman of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic, Member of the Venice Commission

Jan STIAVNICKY, Legal adviser


Supreme Court

Peter MELICHER, Chairman of the Senate


State Commission for Elections and the Oversight over the Funding of Political Parties

Eduard BÁRÁNY, Chairperson

Michaela RUZICKOVA, Head of the Office 

Rastislav KAŠŠÁK, Member

Mojmir MAMOJKA, Member

Karol NAGY, Member


Obcianske Oko

Peter NOVOTNY, Program Director


Srdcom doma o.z

Samuel ZUBO, Leader


International Election Observer

Ingrid HALMO, Consultant




Gianni BUQUICCHIO, President, Italy

Serhii KALCHENKO, Attorney, Associate Partner of Hillmont Partners, Election Expert

Oliver KASK, Judge at the Tallinn Court of Appeal, Member of the Venice Commission and President of the Council for Democratic Elections, Estonia

Rasto KUZEL, General Rapporteur of the Conference, Executive Director at MEMO 98, Slovak Republic

Inna SHYROKOVA, Lawyer fom the European Court of Human Rights

José Luis VARGAS VALDEZ, Justice, Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary, Substitute member, Mexico




Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO)

János MÉCS, Project manager, Hungary


EEAS - Global 3 Democracy Support and Electoral Observation

Julia RUPPEL, Desk Officer, Germany


Election-Watch.EU - wahlbeobachtung.org

Armin RABITSCH, Election Expert, Austria


International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)

Denys KOVRYZHENKO, Senior Legal Adviser, Ukraine

Katherine ELLENA, Senior Global Legal Advisor, United States

Chad VICKERY, Senior Director, Research, Learning Strategy, United States

Ame ZOT, United States


International IDEA

Oliver JOSEPH, Associate Programme Officer, Sweden


International Institute for Monitoring Democracy Development, Parliamentarianism and Suffrage Protection of Citizens of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA CIS Member Nations – IPA CIS IIMDD)

Ekaterina GOLOULINA, Deputy Director of IPA CIS IIMDD


Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the OSCE (OSCE/ODIHR)

Meaghan FITZGERALD, Deputy Head of Democratization, Poland

Ana RUSU, Senior Election Adviser, Poland


International Organisation of la Francophonie

Zahra KAMIL ALI, programme specialist at the Political Affairs Directorate, Djibouti




Secretariat of the Venice Commission, Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs (DGI)

Thomas MARKERT, Director, Secretary

Pierre GARRONE, Head of the Elections and Political Parties Division

Gaël MARTIN-MICALLEF, Legal Advisor, Elections and Political Parties Division

Michael JANSSEN, Legal Advisor, Elections and Political Parties Division

Victoria LEE, Assistant, Elections and Political Parties Division


Directorate General of Democracy (DGII)

François FRIEDERICH, Head of the Electoral Assistance and Census Division